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Gray: FNM Is A Scrap-Gang Party

Agriculture Minister V. Alfred Gray says that the Free National Movement (FNM) is forever fractured due to the party’s infighting that continues to heat the much-anticipated leadership race.

Yesterday, Mr. Gray said that the FNM’s recent actions highlight the weaknesses of the party as a whole and that whatever team it puts forth, will still be unable to oust the current government.

“It doesn’t matter which team surfaces as the winners, it won’t matter to us because we are doing what we can for the Bahamian people.

“I don’t have any particular interest for any of the persons, I saw Mr. Symonette say there will be a place in the new FNM for Minnis that suggests the Butler-Sands team have the nomination on lock. It’s just confusing and I think that’s what makes the FNM so weak as a potential government because no matter how this goes the FNM is going to be a scrap-gang,” Mr. Gray said.

Mr. Gray adding that he feels butler-turner is wrong in this particular situation and he says the rift in the party is too big to repair.

“The FNM party is an open fracture, and even if there is a change in leadership the party will not be able to fix it.

“Either way it goes there are people who do not support Dr. Minnis and persons that don’t support Loretta Butler-Turner, and you can’t force persons to follow you.

“People either like you and follow you or dislike you and turn their back on you, so either way I don’t see it mending, Loretta is wrong in my view in that regard, the FNM is fractured,” Mr. Gray said.

 His comments come a week after PLP chairman Bradley Roberts urged his party colleagues not to get caught up in the opposition in fighting.

Roberts, who spoke to the Elizabeth Constituency last week Thursday, said all the “bloodletting” over the FNM’s leadership race the end result will only be a fractured party.

Roberts added that the PLPs must prepare meticulously and still a fight for the margins as Bahamians are moving away from the party politics philosophy.

When reached for comment on Gray’s remarks Dr. Duane Sands referred to the ongoing Baha Mar saga and the Marathon/RubisGas leak as the proper definitions of “Scrap gangs”
“Baha Mar not opening is the definition a scrap gang, so for a government who confesses to be concerned about the welfare of Bahamians, to sit on a report for a whole year that’s the definition of a scrap gang, ” Dr. Sands said.
The FNM general convention is scheduled for July 27th-29th.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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