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 The President of  Families for Justice Organization in Freeport , Pastor Glenroy Bethel is calling for the resignation of Dave McGregor  Chief Operating Officer of the Grand Bahama  Power Company.

 This  comes  a result of the Executives of the Grand Bahama Power Company having filed a criminal complaint at the Police Department in Freeport against several business owners several weeks ago.  Those business owners were detained in police custody for 12 hours.  Statements were taken from the accused and they were later released, however, no charges were filed against them.  

After being released, the business owners met  with the Grand Bahama Power Company in order to advise them of the terms and conditions for having their electricity turned back on. The meeting was held after the  officials had already made their criminal complaint to the Police Department. The business owners were not in agreement with the Grand Bahama Power Company’s demands, but some were pressured into signing a written agreement for various reasons, one being to save their medical supplies for the community of  Freeport.  Others made agreements in order to save the many jobs, as well as inventory that would have been lost, had their electricity not been restored.

In a statement the Organization  said, local business owners in Grand Bahama disagree with what the Grand Bahama Power Company did and continues to do to business owners on that island. They feel it is a criminal act under Section 346 of the Penal Code.

The statement said recently, the Grand Bahama Power Company took to the airways to send notice to the general public that there are more than two hundred plus residents that have a fake energy saving device and, they are expected to come into the Power Company’s business office and pay for the energy that was used.  

The Families For Justice Organization considers the actions of the Grand Bahama Power Company to be an act of extortion and feel it is a violation of every Bahamian’s Constitutional Rights on the island of Grand Bahama.  

 Additionally, the Organization will be filing a formal criminal complaint of extortion to the Attorney General against Mr. McGregor .

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