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Gov’t to Regulate Fly Fishing and Amend the Fisheries Act

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources V. Alfred Gray announced the government’s plans to regulate the country’s fly fishing sector and amend the Fisheries Act.

During a press conference yesterday, Mr. Gray explained that fly fishing, also known as sports fishing, is unregulated.

Therefore, the government is seeking, by proposed regulations, to bring into force rules and regulations to govern the sports fishing sector.

“The government has decided to cause legislation and regulation to be prepared, which is intended to regulate this sector of the fishing industry,” Mr. Gray said.

He added that the legislation will provide the rules and regulations which will govern the industry and those who participate in it, whether as fishermen, guides or lodge operators.

This will ensure that the marine environments, upon which the fishery is based, are protected and the sustainability of fishing is preserved for future generations of Bahamians.

“The government has approved the preparation of draft regulation and has adequately been in consultation with all stakeholders involved in the industry,” Mr. Gray noted.

He also announced that a consultative draft regulation has been prepared that proposes various changes to the Fisheries Act and regulations, which will allow for orderly growth and development of the fly fishing sector.

“This draft document is today being provided on our website ( and otherwise, for review and comment by the general public, particularly those who are involved in the industry,” Mr. Gray added.

Following consultation, the final document will be prepared.

The consultative draft document will also be available at the administrative offices on the Family Islands, at all offices of the Department of Marine Resources and at the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources.

Mr. Gray urges interested persons to review the draft and send their comments via email to the Department of Marine Resources at on or before June 26.

He also announced that a National Consultation Symposium will be held in New Providence on June 29 to allow stakeholder representatives and those involved in the fishing industry to review the draft and provide comments and recommendations.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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