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Gov’t Consults Physicians on NHI

The Ministry of Health sponsored a workshop purposed to inform medical professionals on the content, introduction and phasing of National Health Insurance after claims of a lack of consultation between the stakeholders and the government.

Doctors, Nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals with all sorts of buzzing questions took the first step with the government towards getting the consultation that they have been requesting since the implementation of the new health care system.

Speaking at that workshop in the place of Prime Minster Perry Christie was National Security Minster Dr. Bernard Nottage who encouraged the stakeholders to work with the government to allow a smooth rollout of NHI.

He said he understand completely that many people in the health care fuels are concerned as to how they will be impacted however, the workshop, he said, is one of many initiatives that will be taken to ensure both the government and stakeholders are on one accord.

“There are many facets to the provision of health care and there are many ways in which those who provide health care will be affected,” he said.

“Regardless of their position they can be impacted. So today, is one of a number of such encounters that we need to have so that the physicians can be adequately informed and be able to make judgements based on the facts rather than inaccuracies.”

Just last week, the prime minster addressed claims of the government not consulting the stakeholders.

He assured that his door is open for any kind of counsel with the same open mind that he had with stakeholders for Value Added Tax (VAT).

Dr. Nottage backed up those statements in saying that workshop was one form of consultation between the stakeholders.

“We believe there have been misunderstandings about what is to be done and how it is to be done,” he said.

“There are many question physicians have about how they will be affected so this is a number of meetings the national health insurance grouping had with the doctors.”

Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health Dr. Glen Beneby also spoke at that workshop.

He said while there are concerns coming from doctors, both parties have one common goal and through proper consultation and effective conversation, all their questions can be answered and needs will be met.

“I haven’t met a physician that doesn’t agree with universal health care,” he said,

“We have that in common. Very physician wants to do their best for the Bahamian people in the context of where they find themselves in the health care system. So we have many moe commonalities that bring us together than separate us. But no matter how many people you have or how much you talk, there’ll always be views that pose challenges.”

The first phase of NHI was implemented on Monday and is expected to be carried out until April.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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