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Govt Committed to Baha Mar’s Success

As renewed commentary on the sale and eventual ownership of the luxury mega resort Baha Mar was sparked by its original developer Sarkis Izmirlian’s recent request that a moratorium be placed on the sale of the multi-billion dollar development, Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest said the government is committed to do whatever it can to facilitate the opening of the resort.

Speaking with reporters following a recent ceremony at the Bahamas Department of Customs last week, Mr. Turnquest said the property has had more than its share of setbacks; however, the success of it will bolster the economy and provide employment.

“The government of The Bahamas is committed to the successful opening of Baha Mar in its full splendor and we will do whatever we can to help facilitate them,” Mr. Turnquest said.

“We are certainly engaged with the developers and we certainly hope and plan for the successful launch of the full project.”

Mr. Turnquest comments followed that of former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s statement just a few days earlier that warned the government not to interfere with the sale of Baha Mar.

Opting not to comment directly on Izmirlian’s call for the present administration to place a moratorium on the sale of the resort, Mr. Turnquest did note, in response to the former prime minister’s comment, that the Minnis administration did not want to interfere with commerce and that the government wishes to see success of both foreign and domestic investments.

“Well, you know, as we said during the campaign trail, we believe that this is a commercial transaction.  We want to ensure that the government does not interfere with commerce, and that is our stance,” Mr. Turnquest explained.

“Yes, we have a role to play in facilitating whatever transaction that will occur and that is our position.

“We want to see private enterprise succeed, both foreign and domestic investment, and we want to facilitate an environment that is conducive to that without undue influence by the government.

“To the extent that they need our assistance in order to achieve a full opening, certainly we stand ready to do that.

“We are committed to the project in terms of our assistance and whatever cooperative marketing and support that we can offer.

“We are working towards a full opening. I think they said October and we are working towards that.”

During the 2017 election campaign, Dr. Minnis promised to execute a “real sale” of Baha Mar.

Mr. Izmirlian has made it clear that he is prepared to purchase the multi-billion dollar resort.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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