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Goodman’s Sentencing Hearing To Continue Today–Defense Attorney To Appeal Sentencing And Conviction

The man convicted of the 2011 murder of 11-year-old Marco Archer will return to the Supreme Court today after sentencing was put off last week.

This is the second time the matter has been adjourned for Kofhe Goodman.

On August 2, an 11-woman, one man jury unanimously found Goodman guilty of killing the Columbus Primary School student, who went missing on September 23, 2011.

On Friday, lead prosecutor, Garvin Gaskin told the court he had yet to receive Goodman’s psychiatric reports.

By law, the reports are required as the prosecution is seeking the death penalty.

Supreme Court Justice Bernard Turner advised Mr. Gaskin along with Goodman’s attorney, Geoffrey Farquharson, that he received the reports by fax on Thursday and that later that afternoon, hard copies were delivered to him.

But, Mr. Farquharson once again chastised the prosecution about all the delays describing it as “a disgraceful state of affairs.”

He then raised a question about the probation report, which he said he received a few weeks back.

The attorney said the eight page report had two pages that included a conversation between probation officer, Carmetta Mackey and Marco Archer’s family.

“How did this come to be,” Mr. Farquharson asked.

“This is criminal corruption and perversion of the administration of justice in its most blatant form. I know Mackey. She is a veteran in the Department of Rehabilitative Services for at least 20 years and one of the most capable people in that department. She is experienced and highly-trained.”

Justice Turner then asked Mr. Farquharson whether he was asking the court to exclude the probation report from its consideration.

The attorney never answered directly. Instead, he asked the judge for an “immediate inquiry” as to how the Archer family got involved with the probation officer.

“We need to find out whether Mackey approached Marco’s family or whether the family approached Mackey,” Mr. Farquharson said.

“The Attorney General’s Office should have conducted these inquiries already. If these inquiries are not made, I will take the matter up with the commissioner of police.”

Justice Turner told the attorney he could address the matter on Monday and provided hard copies of the psychiatric reports to both attorneys.

However, outside the court, Mr. Farquharson told reporters it is unlikely his client will be sentenced today.

“I will make very brief submissions on the reports, but after that, it’s not in my hands,” he said.

“The judge has to make his determination and only him knows exactly how long he may take. I think in the general course of how these proceedings have gone, the judge will take a while to deliberate, but who knows? I cannot say that concretely.”

The attorney also told reporters that no matter the outcome, he will appeal the sentence and conviction.

The matter is scheduled to continue this morning at 10.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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