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Gays’ Action “Insane”

President of The Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) Dr. Myles Munroe said the fact that hundreds of Bahamian and foreign members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community were allowed to host and participate in a gay pride event in Freeport, Grand Bahama over the weekend is nothing more than a “celebration of insanity.

In a six page press statement issued over the weekend, Dr. Munroe minced no words in expressing his disgust in the Bahamas Pride Freedom Weekend event, where LGBT members gathered to celebrate their diversity and to strengthen their support.

He said homosexuals are blind to the fact that they are contributing to extinction of the human race.

“I am not sure what their mission or goals are in this effort but obvious they have received enough incentive and motivation to attempt something that 90 per cent of The Bahamas and Bahamians consider unacceptable and violates their collective convictions, moral standing and values,” he said. “Perhaps is may be helpful to first ask a simple yet profound question; “Is it civil, right, reasonable, logical, sane to promote a cause, lifestyle or practice of a behavior that could in its ultimate conclusion cause the extinction of the human race. It is insanity to demand the ‘celebration’ of your own extinction.”

Dr. Munroe also questioned what role government and tourism officials may have played in approving such an event.

“I believe this must be addressed from the perspective not from any religious position, but rather from the concern for our very small fragile social fabric being held together by values and moral standards that provide the framework for a healthy Bahamian society,” he added. “Concern is also raised concerning the assistance, support and promotion of these efforts by international organisations and in individuals including travel agencies and tourism promotion entities such as The citizens of The Bahamas have a legitimate right to be and express their concerns in these matters.

“I think it is dangerous, inappropriate, immature and disingenuous to accuse anyone with a deep concern about any attempt to impose, force or establish a set of values, standards, moral trends or lifestyle that could and would drastically change and in a very real way destabilise the foundations of a society, as have a phobia – or fear.”

The first annual gay pride event has gained international attention is being hosted by Society Against STIs and HIV (SASH) Bahamas, a human rights activist for the LGBT community.

Director of Advocacy For SASH Bahamas Erin Greene has fired back at the events’ critics and noted that while Bahamians have a right to their own opinion, members of the LGBT community also have a right to freedom of association and conscience adding that nothing in the law can stop it.

In his statement Dr. Munroe said acknowledged though, that the majority of the population in most countries thought history and in contemporary society is not ignorant of the existence of abnormal behavior or unnatural preferences of the homosexual lifestyle adding that these lifestyles and behaviours are an old story with a new twist.

“What the majority community does not appreciate is the dishonesty and deception that have been engaged by those who wish to impose their will on them,” he added. “Every human has the right to choose his or her unnatural lifestyle but must demand that we accept it as natural. They are free to prefer any unnatural sexual orientation they desire or crave, but they must, cannot and should not require that we the majority dignify it by promoting or glorifying it as normal or accepting it as natural.

“All the majority want is honesty and the freedom to express their concerns, opinion and positions without being labeled as ignorant, intolerant, unsophisticated, or homophobic. It is inhumane insanity to promote one’s own extinction and call it social progress.”

Bahamas Pride Freedom Weekend is being held at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

The event kicked off on Thursday August 28 and ends tomorrow.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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