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Foulkes Contradicts Minnis

Just days after Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis admitted that the former Ingraham administration may have victimised Bahamians, one of his former ministerial colleagues contradicted those assertions, insisting that such victimisation claims cannot be substantiated.

During a news conference more than a week ago Dr. Minnis raised a lot of eyebrows when he admitted that the former Free National Movement (FNM) Government may have committed similar acts; though he quickly tried to soften the blow by insisting that the scope of victimisation carried out by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is far greater.

However, former Labour and Social Development Minister Dion Mr. Foulkes vehemently denied that the
FNM Government engaged in tactics that victimised Bahamians regardless of party affiliation.

“Mr. [Hubert] Ingraham and other FNMs suffered tremendous victimisation at the hands of the PLP because they stood up against the corruption that had infiltrated and severely compromised the leadership of that party,” he said. 

“The FNM has always been and remains inextricably bound to principles of good governance, accountability, transparency and fair playing government. The FNM has always loathed victimisation and finds its practice abhorrent.” 

Mr. Foulkes continued, “Indeed, Mr. Ingraham’s refusal to disadvantage his political opponents or their supporters while he led the government during three non-consecutive terms in office brought him much grief from some. Some FNM party members and supporters wanted to repay PLPs in kind for the victimisation suffered by us during the PLP’s many years at the head of the Bahamian Government.”

On Sunday, Mr. Foulkes continued hammering the government.

He suggested that the current administration was reverting to practices synonymous with the Pindling era – a period where political victimisation was allegedly rampant.

“Some of the terrible victimising traits from the Pindling-era of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) were reintroduced during the first Christie-led PLP Government when political favouritism once again became fashionable, indeed prolific,” Mr. Foulkes said. “Now, Mr. Christie has returned to office seemingly more determined than ever to govern for the benefit of PLPs and PLPs alone.”
“The new Christie-led government is terminating employment contracts without cause, discontinuing job-creation programmes and stopping and cancelling small public works contracts for required works being competently carried out by Bahamian companies especially in the Family Islands – all with a view to dispensing favours to the PLP faithful.”

Claims of political victimisation by the PLP Government first surfaced shortly after the May 7 General Election when popular talk show host ‘Chrissy Luv’s’ contract with the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) was abruptly terminated.

In June, a number of Urban Renewal Programme employees claimed their contracts with the government had been terminated by the new administration.

More attacks against the government came after Public Hospital Authority (PHA) Administrator Coralie Adderley was also abruptly relieved of her duties two years before her contract was set to expire.

The FNM has threatened to initiate a lawsuit on behalf of workers who claim they have been victimised by the PLP Government.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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