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Former Senator Warns Gov’t About Crime Levels

Citing a number of bold public shootings, including the attempted murder of a top police officer, Bahamas Against Crime (BAC) Executive Chairman, Rev. Dr. C.B. Moss is calling on the government to get a hold of the crime situation before the economy suffers a major blow.

The former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) senator noted that cruise ship operators have already expressed great concern over the high level of crime in downtown Nassau and have issued a strong warning to their passengers.

“Coming so close on the heels of the second advisory on crime by the U.S. Embassy to U.S. citizens visiting The Bahamas, particularly New Providence, this latest “shot across the bow” of our tourism ship should not be viewed lightly. Except for a somewhat puzzled statement by the Minister of Tourism, [Obie Wilchcombe] there was no serious response,” Rev. Moss said.

“The monster of crime is chomping away at the fabric of our economy and Bahamians, particularly the business community, appear unaware or uncaring that any serious incident of violent crime against U.S. visitors – which could happen today – could plunge our economy into shambles. While crime has stubbornly resisted the strategies and the efforts of the authorities for many years the crisis is escalating as bold public shootings have occurred, including the attempted murder of a very senior police officer.”

The BAC executive chairman said it appears the government is severely challenged in its efforts to deal effectively with this expanding crisis, notwithstanding the claim that crime is lower than last year.

“Recently, in the face of persistent violent crime, the prime minister, minister of national security and the police commissioner have all issued a call for people to come together to fight crime,” he said.

“The very obvious questions left unanswered by these officials are ‘Come together when, where, how and led by whom?’ The lamentable call by these national leaders is so extremely sad.”

Rev. Moss, who is a noted anti crime activist, said his organisation has invited, implored, challenged and even pushed successive governments to convene a national conclave to focus on a workable national crime-fighting plan.”

He said until such a plan is prepared and implemented, any success against crime will be slow and painstaking.

“Bahamians are once again being warned that as a result of the high level of crime, our economy and indeed our entire society is slipping from the lofty position we once enjoyed internationally,” Rev. Moss said.

Just last week, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade announced that all major crimes in the country are down by 13 per cent.

Mr. Greenslade said all crimes, with the exceptions of attempted rape, armed robbery, attempted robbery and shop breaking, has all seen a decline in the first quarter of the year when compared to the quarter to date in 2012.

Murders and attempted murders dropped by 26 per cent and 60 per cent respectively so far this year.

At that time, there had been 28 murders when compared to the 38 up to April 16 last year.

Since then, there have been four murders within the last few days.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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