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FNM Slams Gov’t Over West Bay Roadwork

The Opposition has checked off another election promise it claims the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has failed to deliver.

In a press release yesterday, former Minister of Works, Neko Grant slammed the Christie-led administration for its “inability to manage even simple projects” like repaving immediately west of downtown.”

“For well over three weeks, the stretch of Bay Street between Nassau Street and Cumberland Street has been dug up. Since the removal of the top levels of asphalt, the road has degenerated into a pothole-filled obstacle course that has caused thousands of dollars in car repairs and the loss of hundreds of man-hours of productivity due to lengthy detours and crawling traffic as drivers avoid damage to vehicles and injury to themselves and others,” Mr. Grant charged.

“Prime Minister Christie, Minister of State for Finance Michael Halkitis and the Minister of Public Works and Urban Development, Philip Davis should all be embarrassed by this pitiful spectacle. In fact, the failed execution of this project is shameful, and there is no excuse for what has happened.”

Mr. Grant added that after taking credit for the FNM-launched Airport Gateway Project, one would have expected the three men to move with deliberate speed to complete the small stretch of road.

“No such luck. This team of ministers seems to be completely indifferent to the painful experience that thousands of Bahamians have been forced to endure for weeks. The pain must be brought to an end right away,” he said.

“Raising the horrific condition of this small strip of road is not a small or insignificant matter. It is symptomatic of a much bigger government problem; the problem of negligence and indifference. This short but important piece of roadwork presents a symptom of the larger ailment that Bahamians have seen in the widespread neglect and indifference that have caused parks, roads and verges to be transformed into mini jungles.”

The FNM is convinced that the first place where a renewal is warranted is in the mindset of the government with respect to “small factors that influence quality of life in already difficult times.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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