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FNM: PM Has Zero Credibility

Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Darron Cash claims that Prime Minister Perry Christie has deceived the Bahamian people once again and has zero credibility in reporting the outcome of the foreign consultation for gambling laws and regulation.

According to Mr. Cash, it seems as though the prime minister and his administration doesn’t want Bahamians to be lead agents for change in their country, which contradicts the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) campaign slogan, ‘Believe in The Bahamas.’

“The foreign consultants must come in and provide an instantaneous cookie-cutter solution for the locals. This disorganised, secret and rushed process offers no meaningful opportunity for progressive, thinking, nation builders to truly shape a new paradigm that will enable them to say “we built that,” he said.

The FNM chairman believes Prime Minister Christie has no interest in Bahamians thinking things through and said that it is time for Mr. Christie to move off the scene for the good of the country.

As the Opposition continuously stresses that the government isn’t doing enough to educate the voter electorate Mr. Cash claims that the government is rushing the referendum process to satisfy their financial backers.

He said there needs to be proof of the recent foreign consultation on gambling.

“After almost six months, the public is still waiting to receive the $100,000 three-page report/letter/emails from his first team of gaming consultants, Dixon Wilson. Bahamians remember Dixon Wilson as the previous solution to all of Mr. Christie’s gaming questions,” he said.

“What is of great concern to the FNM and to The Bahamas is the prime minister’s apparent consistent efforts to deceive the country. It is not likely that consultants from halfway around the world will undertake this assignment without a formal engagement letter that states specifically what their fees will be” he added, “And, if the alternative is true that the prime minister told them to come on over, money is no object, he would be guilty of a serious breach of duty as minister of finance.”

According to the chairman, the prime minister is once again sowing a seed of distrust by not telling Bahamians the cost of the financial consultation.

“The fact of the matter is that the prime minister is being intentionally misleading,” he said.

Mr. Cash claims that there are a number of qualified Bahamians waiting to receive the opportunity from the nation’s leader, but sadly they won’t be given the opportunity as he seeks to place them in foreign hands.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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