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FNM Needs New Faces For New Direction, Says Saunders

As the Free National Movement’s (FNM) highly anticipated convention nears, a party official has stepped forward to not only offer himself for a post, but to encourage young FNMs to step up to the plate to vie for positions within the party’s top ranks as well.

FNM Deputy Secretary General Donald Saunders said while senior FNM members are very important to the life blood of the party, “it’s now time to start letting young FNMs come to the forefront so that skills can be developed as the party begins a process of regrouping itself.”

Mr. Saunders was thrust into the political spotlight back in 2007 when he ran on the FNM’s ticket in the Golden Gates constituency.

While Mr. Saunders was unsuccessful in his bid to win that seat, he has remained quite active within the FNM.

Prior to serving in his current position as deputy secretary general Mr. Saunders served as the party’s council representative.

“While everyone seems to be focused on the race for deputy leader and the chairman position, young FNM’s need to remain mindful that there are other officers that are just as important that they can run for and should not be intimidated by all of these incumbents who lost their seats,” he said.

Mr. Saunders said the FNM needs to regroup and show Bahamians that the party has lots of young talent that can bring the party back to its “rightful position.”

“As I run for the secretary general position, I want FNM’s to know that once elected I would work hard to work with family island associations to ensure that they are functioning well,” he said.

According to Mr. Saunders, the secretary general spot has the most important role, next to chairmanship, because of the massive responsibility that anyone who holds the most must uphold.

“I’ve always been committed to the FNM and I intend to remain committee through this process of regrouping to ensure that the party reignites and does so with new and capable faces,” he said.

“Despite our loss at the polls on May 7, I am very proud of our record and the hard work of the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. Under new leadership I am confident that the FNM will continue in its legacy of greatness and as I encourage young faces within the party to step forward I believe that this will show that the party is moving in a new direction with a new style of leadership.”

The party’s one-day convention takes place this Saturday.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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