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FNM Chairman Cites PLP “Shady” contracts

Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer has lambasted Progressive Liberal Party  Leader Phillip “Brave Davis” over what he called  “shady” contracts given out during the PLP’s time in office.

He  said  revelations  in  a comprehensive audit report by Ernest and Young    confirms that the PLP Government were corrupt, always serving themselves  first at the people’s expense.

Mr. Culmer said, “last week we learned that the brother of The Leader of the Opposition Brave Davis’ had been awarded government contracts at BPL, even though he was not the preferred vendor and in both cases his bids were more expensive than others.

“Astoundingly Brave Davis would now have us believe that it was he who stepped in and ordered his brothers contracts to be cancelled, claiming that he knows they were cancelled because he had to face his brother.

“But now we learn the truth, that while Brave Davis may have ordered the contracts cancelled, his brother was still paid $160,000 for the cancelled work.  This raises so many critical questions that the people deserve a clear answer to.  If the contracts were cancelled ,was the work completed by Brave Davis’s brother? If not, why was he still paid?” asked the FNM Chairman.

“As they typically did when they controlled the Government, Brave Davis suggests this is  ‘much ado about nothing’ and just tries to wave us off.  But the Bahamian people have a right to know how their money was spent.  We are being told contracts were cancelled yet payment was made.  The Leader of Opposition must come clean and explain the entire story to the people. But sadly, we know that he will continue to use smoke and mirrors to hide the truth from the people, while he hopes and prays that this story just goes away.  The people will continue to wait to hear the truth,” Mr. Culmer said.

According to the Ernst and Young audit, Mr. Miller directed BEC officials in 2012 to give two contracts to AL D’s Construction & Roofing, even though the business was not the preferred bidder in the tender process.

The company is owned by the brother of   PLP Leader Phillip “Brave” Davis.

After hearing  Mr. Davis’  explanation on  how he directed his then Permanent Secretary not to allow  his brother to receive a contract, The Minister of Works, Desmond Bannister apologized to Mr. Davis in the House of Assembly last week over this matter, saying, “I know that the leader of the opposition is a man of integrity.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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