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FNM Attacks PLP’s 10-Year Plan

The Free National Movement (FNM) attacked the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) 10-year plan describing it as “incompetent”.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the FNM criticized the plan pointing out that it begins with massively increasing spending on party infrastructure, including new headquarters in every constituency.

“It appears new leadership could be a very real possibility. The PLP is ready to spend your tax dollars on their party, but hasn’t yet decided how it is going to help the people they want to represent,” the statement read.

“The woeful PLP’s inability to pay down their campaign debt from two years ago demonstrates another hallmark of the party’s leadership – a severe lack of fiscal discipline. Given the expenditures of their 10-year plan, it appears the PLP not only runs deficits, they fail to understand the impact that continued deficits have on real people living in The Bahamas.”

The FNM also criticized PLP Leader Philip Davis and party chairman Fred Mitchell, claiming that they are pleading with party members to retain the PLP’s leadership at the next convention. 

“As Davis and Mitchell beg their party to keep the band together, they should be reminded how the people’s plea for transparency fell upon deaf ears when the neglectful PLP was in power. Bahamians pleaded for answers to missing VAT dollars and were given the run around. They demanded answers regarding the use of Emergency Funding for Hurricane Relief, they were given lies. People asked for details regarding Baha Mar and other projects, but the information was shrouded in secrecy,” the statement explained.

“It seems the PLP stooges, Brave Davis, Fred Mitchell and Chester Cooper owe their loyalists a litany of answers before begging to stay in power. On the other hand, the FNM is proud of its leadership, which seeks answers to our greatest challenges, works quickly to resolve our obstacles and leads by example. We are hopeful our friends on the other side of the aisle will one day learn to prioritize constituents above themselves.”

The FNM’s statement follows the announcement of the PLP’s convention which begins on Thursday. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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