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Fishermen Found Alive At Sea

The three Bahamian men who were stranded at sea for nearly a week were found alive and well in waters near Long Island on Valentine’s Day.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF), BASRA and Operations Bahamas and Turks and Caicos (OPBAT) called off the search for cousins 26-year-old Cecil Cartwright III and Julian Wallace and a third passenger 46-year-old Keino Greenslade who were feared lost at sea since last Friday.

Florence Greenslade, Keino’s mother, said hearing that her son was alive and well yesterday morning relieved her of “six days worth of stressing, crying and praying.”

“I was on the road taking my granddaughter to work and my daughter called and told me that Keino those were just found,” she said. “I just screamed and said the Lord is so awesome. I just kept saying that over and over and praising Him.”

Since Saturday officials combed the high seas for a 25-foot cigarette type vessel that the men were on.

Family members said they were on their way from Nassau to Ragged Island, but something went wrong and they did not make it when they thought they would have.

Mr. Cartwright’s father, Cecil Cartwright II said the men had just purchased the boat and were anxious to take it out on the water, but none of them ever imagined that they would be stranded at sea for nearly a week.

“I was excited and it brought tears to my eyes when I heard that they were found,” Mr. Cartwright added. “I was just happy to know that they were found safe.”

He explained that the boat experienced some technical problems after the men stopped in Exuma to refuel.

“They were excited and it is a bout they just got,” Mr. Cartwright said. “They had planned to take it up to Ragged Island and since Cecil was on vacation from work they were going for a month just to pleasure fish.”

“They were on their way and developed mechanical problems. When I spoke to him (Thursday) morning after they were found he told me that they dropped the anchor but because the weather was so bad the anchor’s rope broke and they went adrift.”

Julian Lockhart’s girlfriend, Pauline Maycock said she was the first one to get the call around 7:20 Thursday morning.

“I got a call and it didn’t sound like them but it was them,” she added. “Because they called from a satellite from I could really hear and then I heard Julian and he said they were safe.

“I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and I was just so happy. I called all the family members and all the friends and I told them and everyone started praying and screaming and dancing. We are just so happy they are safe.”

Mrs. Greenslade said her son is a 46-year-old father of two who girls said she was more than happy when she got the good news yesterday morning.

“This is Valentine’s Day and I am very much happy and thankful and grateful,” God is the man with all the power in that kind of state. He did it.”

The family said fishermen in Long Island found the men at sea and assisted with their recovery.

The family said the men were able to survive off of food they had aboard the boat.

Like real troopers, the family members said the men are now Ragged Island to continue on with their trip.

Mrs. Greenslade and Mr. Cartwright said that experience was just a bump in the road and they are sure their sons’ boat trips will continue.

The Cartwright, Greenslade and Lockhart families are thanking the government, the RBDF and friends and family members in Long Island and Ragged Island who assisted with their safe landing.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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