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Feed Contamination Possible Cause Of Pig’s Death

A report is to be expected in the near future on the feed that may have killed more than half a dozen famous swimming pigs in Exuma.

Initial reports placed the blame on the inability for the pigs to digest sand, according to Agriculture Minister V. Alfred Gray.

However, farmers, he said, have brought about the idea of another cause.

“The farmers have speculated that the feed mill might have sold contaminated food to them hence being passed on to the pig,” he said.

“That too is speculation I am not agreeing with it. We have sent sample of the food to be tested again and once the tests concludes the reason for; if contamination is there we will make that public as well.”

Minister Gray told reporters outside Cabinet yesterday that since the February incident, the pigs are feeding off a new supply.

“Its new food that is now being disseminated for the animal consumption,” he said.

“But again we are waiting for the testing of the previous supply and we are able then to determine than if that food was contaminated.”

Minister Gray said tests have been done before and admits that maybe the tests missed something before.

“That’s why we do not intend to speculate, I will go public and make public the results of the autopsy of the swimming pigs,” he said.

“We will also make public the tests of the food supply at Gladstone Road.

Exuma’s swimming pigs have been touted as a must see attraction in The Bahamas for a number of years.

Several companies including Harbour Safaris, Exuma Water Sports, Coastline Adventures and more run tours from Nassau and other islands to view the pigs.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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