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Father Of 3 Commits Suicide

A 48-year-old resident of Hillside Estates and father of three was found Wednesday morning from the rafters in a work shed behind his home by his wife.

Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander says shortly after 7 yesterday officials received information that an alleged suicide had taken place in the Hillside Estates area just off Wulff Road.

When officers arrived on the scene they found the body of the male identified by family members as Randolph Sweeting hanging by an extension cord.

The deceased siblings all say they knew their brother was hurting since last December but did not think it would ever get to this point even having just found out about it about a month ago.

Family members say Sweeting sought counselling and just this past Sunday spoke to his pastor.

His sister Caroline Sweeting said her brother just could not take anymore.

“He sought counseling, talked to his pastor and everybody spoke to him but he just believed he was not hearing the answers he wanted,” she said.

“I told him if you really love your son (who is abroad), you should be strong and continue to work and be there for him when he calls. He still shut down and all he did was just sleep.”

Officials say no foul play is suspected as they await the official cause of death via autopsy, Sweeting had devotions with his family shortly before he decided to end his own life.


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