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Family Seeks Justice For Relative Killed In Canada

The family of a young Bahamian man killed last week in a traffic collision in Brampton, Ontario, Canada is seeking justice for their loved one, as they prepare to bury him tomorrow.

Lavardo Anthon Burrows, 27, was struck and killed last Monday night while heading home from a friend’s house just outside Toronto.

Burrows was on his motorcycle when a car attempting to leaving an apartment complex jumped ahead of him, causing him to run in to the vehicle.

According to his wife, Christine, Burrows was killed upon impact.

Investigators are still waiting to recreate the scene to determine what exactly happened.

But Burrows’ family is convinced the driver of the vehicle that Burrows collided with was at fault for the fatal accident.

“The 68-year-old driver of the Toyota Camry that hit Anthon told the police she saw him and she jumped two lanes because she thought she could get out ahead of him,” Christine Burrows said during an interview with the Bahama Journal.

Burrows’ death came just as the young couple learnt that they were expecting twins.

“He was so excited about our babies,” Mrs. Burrows said. “When he found out that we were going to have twins he just became really happy and he could not wait. I have lost my partner, my babies won’t know their father and I am a widow. This is not supposed to happen.”

Burrows’ family in The Bahamas is traveling to Canada where he will be laid to rest on Wednesday.

His mother, Brenda, said she is still having a hard time accepting that her son is gone.

She said her son was so full of life and meant so much to her family that his lost has left a huge void.

“I really can’t believe this,” she said. “This is so similar to the way his father died in 2008. He was ran over and the driver of that car was never found and no one was ever charged. I am not supposed to be burying my son; he is supposed to bury me.”

Anthon attended Government High School.

He worked briefly at Atlantis and Stuart Cove’s before meeting his wife and eventually moving to Canada.

The family has set up a website to raise funds for his twins. That website is

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