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Eyewitness To Shooting

The witness who said he saw the three men murder a police officer fourteen years ago took the stand yesterday.

Alleged killer Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs and his two co-accused Clinton Evans and Andrew Davis were back in court yesterday, but this time to sit through the testimony of another crown witness in the now fourth week of trial.

John Campbell Jr. told the court that on the night of March 29th, 1999, he saw the three men shoot police Constable Jimmy Ambrose.

Ambrose was killed outside the former Club Rock on West Bay Street.

Mr. Campbell claims that on the night in question, he was standing outside the club when he saw four men run out the establishment in the direction of two undercover officers and two other men.

He said that’s when the officers broke off running.

Mr. Campbell said that one officer was chased by a man who grabbed him, threw him to the ground and began stomping him.

He said the other two men then joined in stomping the police and that’s when they all took out their guns and began shooting the man before putting the weapons back in their waist and running off.

Campbell further testified that when he saw Andrew Davis again, the accused was standing next to several officers on the scene.

The witness said he then pointed Davis out to the officers as one of the shooters.

When asked, Campbell admitted that he couldn’t say what became of the fourth man.

The witness also recalled pointing out the three men during the identification parade at the Central Detectives Unit (CDU).

He said he identified number ten, whom he pointed out in the courtroom as Andrew Davis.

He said Mr. Davis chased Officer Ambrose and threw him to the ground before they opened fire on him.

The witness said he also identified the two other men, whom he pointed out in the courtroom as Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs and Clinton Evans.

Murrio Ducille represents Stubbs, Ian Cargill represents Andrew Davis and Ramona Farquharson-Seymour represents Clinton Evans.

The matter continues before Justice Roy Jones.

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