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Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson and the Board Lack of Accountability at the Water & Sewage Corporation

The Water and Sewerage Management Union  says that the Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation Adrian Gibson  and the Board lack accountability.

 The Union says it reviewed the recent eleven page press release by the Board of Directors of the  Corporation in which the Board  claimed  to be in the process of reviewing new corporate policies guidelines and provide a New EXCOM handbook Anti-Corruption, Procurement, and internal promotions.”

In a press statement yesterday the Union asked: Can the Executive Chairman  and the Board withstand an internal Audit today? 

Among other questions were:

  1. How is it that the Internal Compliance & Control Department (Company Police) is being unraveled and no thought being made to address this issue? 
  • Why did the Executive Chairman appoint himself as the person in charge of the contracts committee?
  • How is it that the Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson, General Manager Elwood Donaldson, and Assistant General Manager John Bowleg can  travel all over the world at WSC’s expense? The most recent trip was to China, this team also travelled to London England, Rio de-Janeiro Brazil, Portugal, and Tokyo, Japan. What business does WSC have in these destinations? Was the board aware these men travelled business class to each country?  WSMU is reliably informed that one of the Corporations International Vendors funded the trip to Portugal.
  • How is it that Executive Chairman Mr. Adrian Gibson can attempt to breach and /or terminate local and international contracts without regard to the sanctity of contracts or long term reputation of the Corporation? 
  • How is it that Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson can undermine competitive bidding policies and procedures of the Corporation by issuing contracts to individuals and entities that have not been duly vetted to perform the specific work? 
  • How is that he is able to make fundamental million dollar changes without understanding the short, medium or long term impact on the public or conduct research to guide his decision making? 
  • How it is that Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson can leave the country with the General Manager and an Assistant General Manager without formally delegating responsibility and authorities for fifty percent (50%) or3 out of 6 divisions of the Corporation?
  • How it is that Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson cannot see conflict of interest when he delays family island projects funded by International Bank Loans in order to bolster support for constituents in Long Island, but he can see conflict of interest if managers seek to enforce their benefits under Article 29 of the Supreme Court -interpreted Industrial Agreement.

The Corporation has been embroiled in disputes with two Unions  for several months. Both Unions have since voted to strike.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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