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The residents of Inagua are counting their blessings after  two anxious days feeling  tremors of an earthquake  that killed scores of people in northern Haiti.

The  first tremor of  the 5.2 magnitude  earthquake was felt on Saturday evening shortly after 8pm and the other occurred on Sunday afternoon around 4pm.

Now the residents are relating their experiences.

According to George Harris, Manager of Big  Coast  Radio in Matthew Town, there was no major damage  to any building. He said, “ there were minor cracks to the place where I am staying and on Sunday I had debris  from concrete on the floor.”

Island Administrator, Julita Ingraham told the Journal, “ I was sitting in the house and felt the house shaking. This was the experience of most people on the island.    I immediately called the Police Superintendent and  the Officer of the Defense Force who reported the same thing. Later we did a survey and found no structural damage  to public buildings.”

Harris related, “ I was walking from the local bakery owned by Richard Ingraham and he asked me what was going on; then  his sister Heather said the building was shaking,  I then realize that something was going on.

“Then  I passed a gentleman sitting on a wall and he said he felt  the wall shaking.  All told nine  persons came out expressing anxiety,” said  Harris.

He said the first tremor on Saturday lasted some seven seconds.  “ Most  of the residents felt the jolt on Sunday afternoon, as most people were at home.

Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell in a press statement said, “ I am advised that the  residents are safe…a bit shaken up but, physically fine. There have been some cracks to buildings as well.

“Our party is concerned that the people of Inagua are safe. We call on the government to do all that is necessary for their well  being.”

Mr. Mitchell  extended condolences  to those families in Haiti who have lost their loved ones.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was in contact with the Bahamas Embassies in Haiti and Cuba as it related to the safety of Bahamians.

A statement from the Ministry said, “ initial reports from our embassies indicate that Bahamians residing in Haiti and Cuba are safe. Further, the Bahamas has extended sincere sympathy to the Republic of Haiti following the devastating impact of this tragic event. The Ministry will endeavour  to inform the general public of new developments relating to this issue as deemed necessary.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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