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DPM Suggests Chinese Ignorant to Bahamian Laws

Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday echoed sentiments by Prime Minister Perry Christie, and squashed claims circulating that the government agreed to the sale or grant of 500 Bahamian citizenships to Chinese investors, in relation to the development Baha Mar.

Mr. Davis told reporters outside cabinet that the alleged request by the Chinese have not been brought before the government.

While he stands with the prime minster in denying any claim of negotiations, he said he is of the view that those who may have made requests are simply not aware of Bahamian laws.

“This is not a negotiable issue. This country is subscribed to the rule of law. The rule of law trumps anything that I might be able to negotiate. If I negotiate I have to negotiate within the realm of the rule of law. The law sets out how a person could acquire citizenship. One has to ask, so why would this be a concern? Why would the government negotiate the granting of citizenships? It should not be because the law tells us how we can live it out,” he insisted.

“Any investor not understanding our laws or not understanding the way do business may request whatever they think is in their interest. It doesn’t mean that we will comply with it. So I think it is just basically political mischief to raise this as a concern,” Mr. Davis added.

Mr. Christie is a statement on Monday night, said this is a matter upon which no compromise is possible and he assured the Bahamian people, without any equivocation whatsoever, that no deal offering Bahamian citizenship in return for an investment in the Bahamas will ever be entered into while he heads the government.

He added that he finds the idea of “citizenship-for-sale” to be repugnant –insisting that “it will never happen on his watch.”

The prime minster added that the grant of Bahamian citizenship is subject to strict eligibility requirements and qualifications under the Bahamas Nationality Act.

“The suggestion that just because you buy Bahamian real estate or make an investment you somehow qualify for Bahamian citizenship is complete and utter nonsense. Not only is it as a complete non-starter from the standpoint of the government’s immigration policy, it is not even legally possible,” Mr. Christie exclaimed.

Meanwhile, the deputy prime minister said the government is working “assiduously” to ensure the Baha Mar project is completed.

“We are still working assiduously to ensure that Baha Mar project is opened and opened to ensure that Bahamian people get to work. We are negotiating, behind the China Exim Bank to make sure they do so as soon as possible. And we think we are there,” Mr. Davis said.

Over the weekend, an open letter from a group claiming to be “Baha Mar Citizens” this past weekend denounced CCA and sternly warned Prime Minister Perry Christie not to allow CCA to finish the Baha Mar project.

The group said there are Bahamians who are more than capable of completing the project, which is 90 percent complete and that they do not want to see The Bahamas become a “Chinese colony”.






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