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Domestic Violence Spike Sparks Concern

Domestic disputes are on the rise, police revealed yesterday.

In recent months several women have been killed at the hands of their boyfriends.

Urban Renewal Coordinator Superintendent Stephen Dean said domestic violence is a growing social ill which police are hoping to tackle through Urban Renewal, partnership with the church and various counseling centers nationwide.

While police cannot confirm if the country’s latest murder came as a result of a domestic dispute, they have revealed a marked increase in domestic violence cases.

On Friday, a woman was allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend.

“Conflicts are inevitable and will happen, each one of us is different; we come from different backgrounds and we see things differently. So, we will definitely have some sort of conflict, but what I want persons to do when they feel they are approaching that point of losing control or that they cannot handle the situation, is to stop, think and act,” Inspector Chrislyn Skippings said.

“It is okay to argue, but what is not okay is when you pick up something and injure someone as a result of that argument.”

Superintendent Dean said officers attached to the various Urban Renewal centres in New Providence are inundated with reports about domestic disputes on a daily basis.

While he said he is pleased with the positive intervention police have been able to make within various households affected by domestic violence, he believes that persons involved in unhealthy relationships can begin to nip the problem in the bud before it escalates.

He said no matter the type of relationship, the tell tale signs of domestic violence are consistent.

“If you see you are being controlled in a relationship, it is time for help. If you see you are in a relationship with your partner who has a temper problem and they are out of control and their behavior is unpredictable, you need help. If you see you are being isolated or financial funding is being held from you and you have to demand to get funds, you need help,” Superintendent Dean said.

“Where you are being stalked and all of your movements are being timed and watched to the point where you cannot comfortably hang out with your friends, please take our advice and seek immediate help.”

Individuals who are unable to resolve conflicts on their own are urged to seek help at various counseling or Urban Renewal centres.
“Anyone who feels threatened in their current relationship is urged to seek help at various outreach centres including the Christian Counseling Centre, the Ministry of Social Services, the Adolescent Health Centre, BASH, Bahamas Teen Challenge, the Child Abuse Unit, the Bahamas Crisis Centre and the church,” Inspector Skippings said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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