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DNA Women Were Not Authorized to Distribute Food at Social Services

Following a critical statement by members of the DNA Women’s Alliance blasting the Department of Social Services, the department has responded denying that DNA members chased away from its property. Instead the department said they were not properly authorized to be there.

Just last week, President of the DNA Women’s Alliance Prodesta Moore and other volunteers lined up to the departments grounds to carry out their monthly community service, but they claimed that they were chased away from the property as supervisors began to sell the donated items they were distributing to families in need.

Moore referred to the department as “nothing more than a sham” and claimed that it had no interest in helping struggling families.

In a recent statement released by the Department of Social Service, it explained that the DNA members did not use proper protocol and although the department welcomes assistance in addressing the needs of persons, it must be done in an orderly fashion.

“It is not fair to just show up, without proper pre-arranged authority from the department, at the entrance to the center, where they acknowledge that ‘hundreds of individuals gathered in lines,’ to serve food and impede the orderly process established by the center to ensure the swift servicing of clients,” the statement read.

“The DNA showed up at the entrance to a government agency in political paraphernalia, without advising or seeking approval from the office of the director of social services, which would have advised them of any protocol required to achieve their goal.”

The statement revealed that the women were asked to leave the compound but were given a space right across the road to carry out their donations. It denied claims of ever chasing the women or of workers selling items.

“The ministry denies that the DNA Women’s Alliance were ‘chased’, but the fact is the leader of the group was called into the office and was advised that they could not remain at the entrance to the center. The leader was very receptive to the request at the time,” the statement said.

“The ministry further denies that the reason for them being asked to move had anything to do with any profits to be gained by ‘those operating that office.’ We stand by the integrity of the fine managers of the center whose records are without blemish. However, the ministry will look into the allegations made that chips were being sold to clients and invites the group to provide any proof they have of same to the office of the director.”

The statement added that the ministry would like to advise the public that if other organizations wish to assist with matters on the department grounds, it must be done with the proper authority, in an orderly way and in line with established protocols and procedures.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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