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DNA Leader Calls for Bell’s Resignation

Leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Branville McCartney wants the Minister of State for National Security Keith Bell to resign following Mr. Bell’s recent comments made in the Senate.

Mr. McCartney made calls for Mr. Bell’s resignation during a press conference on Tuesday, where he expressed that “Mr. Bell has to go”.

The DNA leader, who echoed his support for the Security Forces of the Bahamas, said members of this group should not forget

Mr. Bell’s comments made in the Senate last week Monday that the “government will deal with them” as a result of an organized march for justice.

According to Mr. McCartney, Bell’s comments are a threat to the country’s armed forces.

“He has threatened our armed forces. He has threatened the defence force. He has threatened the police. He has threatened our prison officers,” Mr. McCartney said.

“He alleged they marched with the DNA. No, we supported their cause. We supported the armed forces in their plight for better pay, for better working conditions, for better insurance for their families. These are the people who protect us when we sleep. These are the people who are first line of defence, and you have a minister of the government threatening them. That’s wrong.”

Mr. McCartney along with other DNA officials participated in the Walk of Hope organized by the armed forces nearly a month ago to show support for the group’s cry for fairness regarding salaries, gratuities, and insurance.

According to Mr. McCartney, the Christie Administration is already under heavy scrutiny due to calls for the resignation of two of its members, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis and Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources V. Alfred Gray.

He noted that Mr. Bell and the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government should be careful because these occurrences are disadvantageous to the party.

“I hope he meant he will deal with them in the sense of sitting down, speaking with them, and trying to sort their concerns out. But I most believe that he meant he is going to victimize them. He is going to try and bring proceedings against them. He is going to use his power because he is power now, but not for long. Time is ticking,” Mr. McCartney said.

“One wrong move Mr. Bell or PLP government will be at your detriment as a political party,” he added.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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