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DNA Forming Its Own “Cabinet”

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) said it is putting the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government on notice and announced that while in office they will not just have the official Opposition Free National Movement (FNM) to worry about when it comes to keeping them on their toes as the third party has plans to form a “Cabinet” of its own.

Despite suffering a devastating loss at the polls during the May 7 general election and having not captured any seats in the House of Assembly, the DNA in a press release issued Sunday said the party will continue to work on behalf of the Bahamian people with a full slate of members concentrating on each ministry, if even on the sidelines.

“For the next five years, we will be the voice for the Bahamian people,” DNA Leader Branville McCartney said in the release. “We will continue to speak to the many vexing issues plaguing our country and demand excellence from our government and our beloved people.

“Accordingly, in short order, we will present to the Bahamian public a shadow cabinet that will be the voice on behalf of the DNA and the Bahamian people for the various ministries. Thereafter we will introduce our shadow board chairmen.”

Mr. McCartney said while the DNA intends to support the government in all of its good endeavours and allow them an opportunity to get the job done, he said the third party will be the watch dog when the government gets out of line.

“We will keep them on their feet because the Bahamian people deserve good governance,” Mr. McCartney added. “The government was handsomely elected to the seat of governance and now we in the DNA and as a people expect the best that they can give, starting with making this country safe and getting people back to work.”

The release added that the mission of the DNA is to ensure that the needs and aspirations of Bahamian people – to be owners with the government in the political, cultural, and economic development of the nation – are met.

The DNA said it is devoted to upholding, protecting, and deepening the democratic rule of law in society by promoting openness and accountability in governmental affairs, social justice and equality, and the right of the people to self-governance and authority in determining their own destiny.

“Although not successful at the polls, the DNA was successful in presenting 38 agents of change,” Mr. McCartney added. “We were successful in bringing the real issues to the attention of the Bahamian people. The DNA was successful in campaigning in a way that has never been done before. The party was successful in garnering over 13,000 votes within 11 months. The DNA ignited a yearning for many Bahamians, young and old, to expect more from their government. No doubt, the DNA was successful in being the change we wanted to see.”

But the party said it needs some assistance on this journey.

“We are asking all of our supporters and, indeed, the public at large, to partner with us so that we can work on your behalf and on behalf of the country as a whole to ensure we have a better tomorrow,” the release added. “To this end, we would ask that you donate to our, and the country’s cause for a brighter future. Financial commitments can be from $1 to $100 per month or more. Commitment forms can be collected from the DNA’s headquarters or we can send them to you by email or personal delivery. You can also donate through our website at We look forward to your support.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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