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Disabled Man Cries For Help

As a third time victim of theft, Wentworth Sears, a disabled Bahamian man, said he is tired of being victimized because of his condition, and called on the government to take swifter action in regards to the rights of the disabled.

Mr. Sears, known to many as Perry, in a recent interview with The Bahama Journal said that his only form of transportation, a three wheel bike, was stolen from his home once again.

From that time to now, Mr. Sears said he has been anxiously waiting to get a response from the police.

“The guy, he took my statement and he told me he was going to get back to me by the end of the week. I gave him my phone number. I gave him my co-worker number. I gave him my sister number, and the number to the pharmacy,” Mr. Sears said.

Sears, who suffered from brain damage at birth, has been paralyzed on one side of his body; and said his bike has become an integral part of his life.

He said the bike aids in getting him to and from his only source of livelihood of which he sells souvenirs to tourists on Bay Street.

Sears recounted that about five years ago, a bus driver refused to allow him as a passenger on his bus.

Since that experience, Sears said he has been discriminated against by public transportation drivers; and this is why he is not only appealing to the government for intervention, but the public at large.

“I want to make an appeal to anyone out there to be kind in helping me out. My bike is very important to me. Like the other day I had to go to the wash house and I couldn’t go. That bike, I do everything with that bike. I would like to ask the public, if anyone can find it in their heart to assist me because that’s my life. That’s my life,” he lamented.

Sears also noted that his bike contributes greatly to quality time with his seven year old daughter, as she enjoys frequent afternoon rides.

Earlier this year legislation was passed in Parliament, appealing to the rights and comfort of disabled persons in the country.

However Sears thinks the government is too slow to action.

“They say they have a commission. But so far I haven’t heard anything. Everything is on silence. I’m still having problems as a disabled person; as simple as transportation, as simple as housing,” he said.

One of Sears’ supporters, Priest Marcus echoed similar sentiments.

“The government has to provide a service for these disabled people. The other day I heard the prime minister got vex because of his special child, because of a song what some people wrote,” said Priest Marcus.

“So I feel like it is certain issues, like the other day they get caught up in this referendum. They get caught up in all these different things what aren’t that much important. But the things which are really important, what you really need to address are not. The government really need to take their time to assist these people,” he added.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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