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‘Die’ Stubbs Guilty On All Counts of Murder


After 14 years, three men were found guilty of the murder of Police Constable Jimmy Ambrose yesterday.

The end of a six-week trial saw alleged gang leader Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs, Andrew Davis and Clinton Evans all guilty of the 23-year-old’s murder.

Ambrose was shot outside the former Club Rock on West Bay Street on March 29th, 1999.

The 12-woman jury took three hours for deliberation, but when the verdict was finally read, the three accused looked unsurprised while their family members sobbed in the courtroom.

Stubbs had been in custody since last year for another matter, but Evans and Davis were out on bail – that is until the guilty verdict was read.

While the trio was being brought out the courtroom, droves of police officers and police dogs packed the outside area in anticipation of an uproar for the man alleged to be the leader of the ‘One Order’ gang.

A group of Stubbs’ family and friends shouted, “Stephen Seymour, I hope you happy now,” and “Y’all win this one, but y’all going to see what we going to win.”

All three men were unanimously found guilty of the murder of Ambrose and the attempted murder of Officer Marcian Scott.

Stubbs’ attorney Murrio Ducille said he was disappointed with the verdict and doesn’t believe the jury came to the decision by only focusing on what was presented in court.

“There has been much adverse publicity in this case and public opinion weighed very, very heavily,” he said.

“That was one of our concerns from day one. You the media saw the difficulty we had in finding the jury because a lot of people felt as though they would have problems returning a fair verdict.”

“Our position is that the evidence really didn’t come up to scratch.”

“I will file an appeal.”

Behind him, Stubbs’ mother stood leaning on a wall in disappointment, but refused to speak to the press.

Ramona Farquharson-Seymour, who represented Evans, was also disappointed that her client was found guilty of the two counts of murder and an additional two counts of possession of a weapon with the intent to cause harm.

“I’m definitely surprised, but bear in mind that the process isn’t over,” she said. “The sentencing still has to take place.”

“It’s always a surprise when you can’t convince at least one person. But the jury has spoken, 12 women said all guilty.”

Mrs. Farquharson-Seymour said she plans to appeal.

Ian Cargill, who represented Andrew Davis, refused to comment.

The men will be on remand at Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP) until their sentencing date set for September 18th.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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