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DRA Audit Handed To Police, Some Missing Items Recovered

Alex Storr - DRA Chairman

By Keile Campbell
Journal Staff Writer

Since February 2022, it was expected for a forensic audit of the Disaster Reconstruction
Authority (DRA) to be undertaken due to alleged stark evidence of mismanagement and
instances of “conflicts of interests” under the previous Minnis administration.
That audit has finally been completed and submitted to the police, according to DRA
Chairman Alex Storr, who revealed this information to the press.
“We have two audits ongoing; a forensic audit as well as the financial audit. We have
received both of those. The forensic audit, we have looked over it and we have turned that
over to the police who are now investigating,” DRA Chairman Storr said.
“There were things that we saw and that have made us uncomfortable and we thought it was
best to put it in the hands of the police instead of us do investigations. Let the police
determine and may the rocks fall where they may.”
The audit has been in the hands of police “for at least three to four months,” according to the
DRA chairman, who added that the police were about to question persons of interest in their
Back in May, DRA Chairman Storr was reported stating that the audited financials for 2020
and 2021 were “long overdue,” as the audit was still ongoing at that time.
With regards to the DRA seizing items that were donated to them, Chairman Storr gave an
update on what they received, as well as what they’re still missing.
“Vehicles, some building material and other stuff that were donated or bought for use by the
authority,” Mr. Storr continued.
“We recovered some of the items, as you know, it is highly publicized. There are still, from
that list of items, outstanding items, and so we are actively pursuing. We were able to locate
some, two forklifts and other equipment about a month ago in a warehouse in Cooperstown
and so we’re still actively looking, trying to locate these materials. And as we find them, we
take them back.”
Mr. Storr said he’d been asking the public to give the DRA any information on missing DRA
items from when he first took office, and further proclaimed that it seems they have to go out
and find their property.
Back in September last year, Abaco pastor and broadcaster Silbert Mills said he was pained
and shamed when officers entered his church and seized items owned by the DRA.

Mr. Mills proclaimed that he never stole the items and they were at the church for storage.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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