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Defeated Candidates To Continue Working In Constituencies

Several independent candidates who were defeated in last week’s general election have vowed to continue working in the constituencies they once hoped to represent.

Former candidates for Carmichael, Montagu and Englerston Glen Rolle, Graham Weatherford and Alex Morley all explained how they are coping with their losses.

Mr. Weatherford said he does not feel defeated and will continue the work he has done in the area.

In fact, he said he plans to work alongside this current administration to make the necessary changes, particularly when it comes to helping small businesses grow and improve.

“Five years ago I voted for the FNM and I was not happy with what was happening as it pertains to small businesses. I set out to say that if I’m going to have to vote for the choices that I was given, then I’m not going to stay home and not vote, so I’m going to pay $400 and I’m going to vote for myself,” he said.

The $400 he referred to was the price he paid to be nominated to run in May 7 General Election.

The former independent candidate said he has always been a vocal advocate for The Bahamas and he promised to continue advocating.

“I will continue to talk whether it’s through radio, newspaper, or TV. I chose to campaign through speaking on numerous radio talk shows and I promise to continue to be heard,” he said.

Meantime, Mr. Rolle said despite his loss he was happy he had the opportunity to meet Garden Hills constituents.

“There is no amount of money that could buy the opportunity of going door to door, and having the appreciation of the people,” he said.

“When people mock me about my $400 for the treasury I tell them there can be no price in hearing the stories and in listening to the hurt of the people. There is much more of a development needed that I want to see in the Carmichael area, so I will continue to press more and continue to have a presence in the area,” he said.

As for the Progressive Liberal Party winning the election, Mr. Rolle said he has no complaints.

In fact, he too, promised to work with the new government and assist in any way he can.

“The people were obviously in favour of a change in direction in the government, and that resulted in the win for the Christie government, and so I’ve accepted the choice of the people. The PLP has an opportunity to take the goodwill of the people, and they have an opportunity to translate – in terms of its governance – both compassion and grace so that the people can benefit from what this government can bring over the next five years,” he said.

Mr. Morley said he, too, accepts the voters’ decision and vowed to continue working in the Englerston constituency.

“I believe the parties [the FNM and PLP] are organisations that have historically been entrenched into this country for a long time and it’s going to take more than just one year to win people over to a new independent organisation,” he said.

“So, I’m focused right now in seeing how I can form a political party in The Bahamas. I am a part of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and we are focused on building this party in
The Bahamas”

He went on to say that his new revolutionary party would focus on economic development and job creation, community control with the police and ending the imperialist domination in The Bahamas.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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