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The opposition Progressive Liberal Party  (PLP)  has once again upbraided  Bahamas Power and Light Chairman Dr. Donovan Moxey following his recent comments on the increase in electricity costs. 

At the time, Mr. Moxey called out the PLP  for being irresponsible after charging that the hike was as high as some 70 per cent. 

Besides, Dr Moxey said he has no authority to increase the cost without consultation and authorization of URCA.

  However, PLP Leader Philip Davis argues that this was an issue for the Prime Minister to explain, not the Chairman.

“I don’t  play  with children;  but let me put it this way, the Chairman ought not to be involved in political electives when it comes down to dealing with issues when it becomes political. 

“If  he was reported incorrectly,  then that’s where he should have directed his disappointment or outrage,” he said.

Mr. Davis  suggested the Prime Minister stop dodging questions and explains what is behind the sharp increase in electricity costs. 

In  the  House of Assembly last Wednesday,  the Prime Minister  blamed the hike on higher fuel costs, but  Mr.  Davis called this an outrage,  considering crude oil prices have dropped by 30 per cent.

He reasoned that BPL’s recent Voluntary Separation Packages may have contributed to the increase,  which he in turn chalked up to poor mismanagement. 

“The facts are that the average price crude oil per barrel in 2017 was hovering around $52.51 and the current cost is just over $60 per barrel, this is a less than 17% increase. 

“The record shows that BPL suffered several fires  recently due to lack of equipment maintenance and if this rate hike is to pay for leased supplement power generation plant, then this is not a fuel issue- this is a mismanagement issue,” said the  PLP leader. 

Mr. Davis added that the Bahamian people have stopped holding their breaths for the promised investigation into the work of the BPL board. 

The opposition leader says he thinks the Prime Minister is  hoping it will all disappear by not answering questions about it.

The opposition’s calling on the government to be transparent. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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