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Davis calls Minnis Gov’t corrupt

Opposition leader Phillip Brave Davis has upbraided  the Minnis administration calling them corrupt and using the terms transparency and accountability against them.

This came as Mr. Davis addressed an outdoor public meeting in the Mount Moriah Constituency on Wednesday evening. 

He said, “Minnis the Prime Minister promised to promote a climate of fairness and openness with no room of victimization. He promised transparency and accountability and today all we are getting are one pile of secrecy.” 

“Plenty backdoor wheeling and dealing and I now believe after the backdoor wheeling and dealing,  I now believe stealing. You can call it corruption.  I say it’s all one and the same,  but what is worse than corruption is the illusion of integrity, ”  said Mr. Davis.

As head of the Public Accounts Committee, Mr Davis has written the clerk of the House of Assembly  to provide certain information,  including an explanation of the methodology used to account for arrears between 2017/2018.

He also asked for  a complete listing of the  $360million  foreshadowed to be paid over a three-year period and specifics of all of the loans that were settled and rescheduled during the past fiscal year.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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