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Davis Administration Seeks To Provide Security

By Gerrino Saunders

The Speech from the Throne delivered by Governor General Cynthia Pratt outlined
the Davis administration’s new agenda as many in the country look forward to the
government continue the work of the people.
The government’s most recent budget communication, a budget for security and
progress, Governor General Pratt referenced the government’s most recent budget
communication in June noted that it “strongly attests to the success” of the
government’s priorities and choices.
She said, “Real GDP growth in 2022 was recorded at 14.4 percent and GDP in
nominal terms grew by 11.9 percent. A host of other key economic indicators
confirmed that the public finances are being managed competently and well, that the
economy has rebounded strongly and that the country is back on the right track.”
Governor General Pratt said the government made a number of commitments for
this fiscal year, focused on three key pillars of national development including
personal security, economic security and national security.
However, she said the government realizes that things are still too tough for far too
many people, especially the poor among us. And for this reason, the government
will continue its strong commitment to help those who struggle to make ends meet.
“We remain determined to do what we can to make things better.
“Mindful of the estimated two thousand verses in scripture that deal with issues of
the poor and committed to the ideals underpinning the genesis of its political
foundation, my government retains a strong focus on helping to alleviate the misery
of poverty.
“Our commitment is unwavering, and although it may be difficult and although it
may take some time, we shall not fail or falter,” the Governor General said.
Governor General Pratt noted that the Davis administration is resolved to deliver
programs outlined in the Blue Print for Change, the platform upon which it was
elected and the mandate upon which it governs.
She also noted that priorities in the new agenda does not preclude anything from the
Blue Print for Change, and the government is resolved to deliver the programs that
it outlines in the short, medium and long term.
She said, “And so, the program outlined today highlights a number of specific
legislative measures; others will be introduced as needed and when required.

“In preparation for this new phase of our legislative agenda, my government has
already announced changes in various cabinet portfolios which include the creation
of new ministries.
“In light of the recent and the sudden passing of Minister Wilchcombe further
changes will have to be made. Other changes in public service appointments are
already underway. These changes will further support my government as it
continues to build on progress made and drive new change in the country,” the
Governor General informed,” Governor General Pratt said.
She reiterated that in this next phase of the Davis administration, focus will be on
strengthening personal, economic and national security; and as it continues to
intensify its focus on promoting personal security, the government’s legislative
agenda will move decisively to boost the number, types and quality of jobs available
to Bahamians.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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