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Culmer: It’s Time for the PLP to Face Reality

Newly elected Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer wasting no time hitting out at the opposition, saying the Progressive Liberal Party needs to come to grips with reality.

In statement before of the PLP leadership race in its Convention this week, Mr. Culmer says the PLP was soundly rejected by the Bahamian Electorate and should face this fact.

“The last election the Bahamian people soundly rejected the failed leadership of the PLP. They watched for five years as the PLP Government systematically destroyed our country through wanton neglect and rampant corruption. The people watched as the PLP misappropriated their money, gave out government contracts to their chosen loyalists and most of all created a culture of corruption at every level of government.

“May 10th’s message was loud and clear but very simple, ‘No More’! No more corruption. No more fiscal mismanagement. No more allowing a Government to put themselves before the people they were elected to serve. Apparently not everyone heard that message. The same two persons, who served as the embattled Perry Christie right hand man and the other as his enabler, are seeking to seize power and take the reins of the PLP. The same persons at every turn, turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption in his Government and a deaf ear to countless Bahamians struggling to get by.

“Bahamians are rightly asking what the PLP misunderstood after the last general election? How the PLP can seem so tone deaf to the will of the people? Brave Davis and Glennys Hanna- Martin are still more concerned about holding onto whatever power, instead of listening to the people. Change has come to most of the Bahamas, but it seems to have skipped over the woebegone PLP,” Mr. Culmer said.

Culmer was elected chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM) last week.

He received 104 votes in the election staged by the Central Council. Howard Grant, his only challenger, received 18 votes.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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