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Crime Rate In Right Direction, Says Dames

With two incidents of crime last weekend, which  involved the Tourism Sector, National Security Minister, Marvin Dames said these incidents do not threaten the Tourism Industry. 

On Saturday, according to police reports, “shortly after 11am, a woman was at a beach on Paradise Island when she was sexually assaulted by  a 34-year-old Bahamian male, who was taken into custody”. 

Then in a brazen daylight robbery on Sunday, sometime around 3pm, two men entered the John Bull Store  on the property of Baha Mar Resort, “smashed show case glasses and stole an assortment of watches and jewelry before running from the store”.

With recent travel advisory warnings, by the US government to its citizens, Mr. Dames, when asked if these latest incidents posed a threat to the Tourism industry said, “no”. 

“No, they are incidents, we are investigating them. 

“We are in a much better place today, than we were two years ago, by far. But after having said that, we have to continue pushing and these are the things that each and every one of us have a vested responsibility to ensure that we safeguard this country,” Mr. Dames said.

Speaking specifically on the two incidence  over the weekend, Mr. Dames said there is always a concern about crime that impact both Bahamians and visitors. 

“We’re concerned about every crime, when a crime takes place,  some one is impacted. We’re concerned of crimes against Bahamians, and visitors alike so we don’t separate. Every crime is a concern to us,” Mr. Dames said. 

Mr. Dames added that having been updated by the Commissioner of Police on both crimes, he is confident that the matters will be resolved. 

“I received an update from the Commissioner, the police are, in fact, investigating and we hope that this is a matter that we will bring to some closure.

“The thing is, this incident took place on a property in  Baha Mar itself. You are not going to prevent all of these things. But what I would say is the police are currently looking at that particular matter and I have every confidence that they’ll bring it to a close. 

“Listen, [we] never said that we’re gonna do away completely with crime. There’s no country that can boast of not having any incidents reported. But the point I’m making here is that we are headed in the right direction. 

“Obviously the signs show that we are. And we will continue to do what we need to do to ensure that we keep Bahamians and visitors alike safe.

“As far as the sexual assault matter, I was also updated by the police. I believe someone is in custody assisting the police and we continue to work on these matters,” Mr. Dames said. 

As for if Bahamians can say they feel a difference in the level of crime in the country, the minister says that it is reflected in the questions asked and answered regarding crimes. He also acknowledged that there is still a ways to go. 

“Remember now, there was a time when it was almost every day and you would come and say what’s going on minister? What’s being done? but now the questions are being reshaped, they’re changing and what is it now? I mean we had this long quiet period and then you have these few incidents. 

“So, even the questions that you are asking [are] changing. So, that’s a reflection, in itself, that some positive things are happening. “Are we there yet? No! I’ll be the first to tell you and other members of our government will be the first to tell you that while we feel that we are headed in the right direction, and all of the indicators in every sector  are  pointing to that fact we recognize that we still have a ways t

Written by Jones Bahamas

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