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Crime Down Murders Down By 14 Per Cent

Despite recording nine murders last month alone, all categories of crimes are down, according to the country’s lead spokesman on the issue.

Addressing the Interpol General Assembly in Rome, Italy on Monday, National Security Minister, Dr. Bernard Nottage said, so far this year, murder is down by 14 per cent compared to the same period last year while the detection rate is “up significantly.”

The minister’s assurance comes the same day the country recorded its 97th homicide this year.

The bullet riddled boy of a man was found lying in the street, just off Tonique Williams Darling Highway.

To date, a total of 415 illegal firearms have been recovered, ranging from revolvers to assault rifles, according to Dr. Nottage.

Statistical data indicates that 99 per cent of these weapons are traced to the United States, particularly the state of Florida.

“The Bahamas, in the last decade, has experienced a new gun culture where more illegal weapons are ending up in the hands of criminals,” Minister Nottage told delegates.

“Consequently, serious crimes have increased in The Bahamas and a significant amount of serious offences such as murder, armed robberies and serious wounding (shootings) are being perpetrated with illegal firearms.”

The Christie administration has patted itself on the back for placing renewed focus on community based policing through its signature programme, Urban Renewal 2.0.

Since assuming office on May 7, it has been credited with reorganising police divisions and departments to return more uniformed officers to the streets, deploying selective enforcement teams as part of a predictive policing strategy, launching swift justice, acquiring a CCTV solution and convening meetings of Heads of National Law Enforcement Agencies (HONLEA).

The idea is to give law enforcement leaders the opportunity to share information, experiences and best practices.

“This level of cooperation is expected to produce good results as the resources of all agencies are coordinated to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness,” Minister Nottage said.

This is particularly important considering that in the face of new and emerging threats, law enforcement agencies must adapt policing strategies.
According to the minister, these strategies include leveraging existing partnerships with Interpol, Europol, Ameripol, IACP, ACPO, ACCP and other regional and global law enforcement organizations, working with government and their public safety and law enforcement organs to build capacity and to improve communications and cooperation, maintaining and strengthening community based policing programmes, deploying best of breed technology, identifying centres of excellence in law enforcement and mirroring these were practicable and improving law enforcement ability to communicate instantaneously across the globe.

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