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Crime down by 29%

BJ Nottage

BJ NottageMinister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage announced yesterday during his budget contribution in parliament that crime, compared to last year around this, is now down by 29 percent.

Minister Nottage noted that the government is working diligently to lower the crime rate with various programs to tackle prolific offenders.

“Overall Crime down by 29%,” Dr. Nottage said.

“If you look at the national crime for all Bahamas in the first half of this year, from January 1-June 14, there are 22 percent less murders than there were a year ago, nine percent less attempted murder, attempted rape 38 percent less, armed robbery 21 percent less. This is the effect of some of the strategies we have adopted.

“Burglaries are down 48 percent house breaking is down 34 percent stealing 35 percent, stealing from vehicles 39 percent, stealing of vehicles 17 percent.”

“This is the effect of some of the strategies we have implemented.”

Last week, after the murder of a deacon at the ATM and a double shooting a few hours later, Dr. Nottage labelled the murders as “unusual.”

Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert deemed the comments made by Dr. Nottage as a “frightening reminder that the government is not ready to lead.”

“Let me acknowledge that we are not satisfied with the results of the incidents specifically serious crimes,” he said.

“I know and I’m sure all of my colleagues feel that one crime is too many, one murder is too many, one armed robbery is too many, one rape is too many.”

Dr. Nottage added that most crimes are committed by prolific offenders.

“We have law enforcement agencies who are prime researchers and analysts who regularly monitor crime trends and address police operations accordingly,” he said.

“Research has shown that most of our crimes are committed by a small group of prolific offenders who are all well known to the criminal justice system.

“Moreover violent crimes are being committed by younger and younger people.”

Earlier this year, the minister outlined how the Christie administration would use a $20 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank to fight crime in The Bahamas.

The minister said the loan would go towards a a program called the Citizen Security and Justice Programme which would use $4.8 million to create non-violent conflict resolution programmes.

Another 1,600 youth at risk will be given “comprehensive demand-driven training for employment with special emphasis in the hospitality and retail sectors.”

He also added that $5.6 million from the loan will also go towards strengthening the justice system to make sure that people are prosecuted and sentenced in a timely manner.

He added $3.2 million from the loan would be used to “improve the effectiveness of the Department of Correctional Services and Department of Rehabilitative Welfare Services to reduce offender recidivism.”

The program will also seek to address unemployment amongst youth at risk between the ages of 15-29.

The murder count stands at 57.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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