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Country Headed For Wild West, Says Bishop

National Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy Bishop Franklin Ferguson warned yesterday that the country is in danger of becoming the “Wild, Wild West” if the crime rate continues to increase.

Bishop Ferguson’s comments came as he delivered the national address at the closing of the Church of God of Prophecy’s 2014 Conclave at the Church of God Tabernacle on East Street.

“There is no question that crime in this country is beyond the level of acceptability,” he said. “It is indeed ruining the lives of many and is threatening the life blood of our national economy.”

Bishop Ferguson applauded the efforts of the government and the Ministry of National Security in fighting crime but he reminded that there is no excuse for not getting the job done.

“You have been elected and are being paid to do what you said you have the ability to do,” he said.

“Therefore it must be seen that you are making every effort to do the job. I reiterate again that this crime rate must come down or we will all soon be living in the Wild, Wild West. The church is praying for the economy of our country that all of the initiatives being put forth to create jobs will come to fruition so that our people would not be tempted to do the wrong thing,” Bishop Ferguson said.

He also reiterated the Church’s opposition to gambling and said that under no circumstances can it ever support this practice.

Bishop Ferguson said gambling is wrong, corrupt and its record shows that it creates poverty for many and riches for a few.

“Three successive governments in this country have all failed miserably to deal with this corrupting element in our society and now we have a cancer that is likely to get worse,” he said. “It is like a hot metal ball rolling over the hills and valleys of our country and it will most likely, in the long run, have a damaging effect on those who get involved.”

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