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Cooper Declares Bid for PLP Deputy Leader

Chester Cooper for Deputy Leader of PLP

Chester Cooper for Deputy Leader of PLPMember of Parliament for Exuma and Ragged Island Chester Cooper in a big announcement yesterday, declared his bid to offer himself for the office of Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), promising that he will seek to return core values and principles the party once had.
Yesterday at a press conference in the Rum Cay Room at the British Colonial Hilton, Mr. Cooper told the media and party supporters that he wanted to “lend” his talent to whomever the leader would be.


“After much thought and prayerful consideration and discussions with my family and those whose counsel I value, I have decided to offer myself for deputy leader of the Progressive Liberal Party at the upcoming October convention,” Mr. Cooper said.

“Given the challenges and opportunities facing the party at this time, I am confident that I can lend my talents to the leader and leadership of the party to help reform, rebrand, reenergize and reinvigorate the PLP as we seek to return to our core values, regain the confidence of the majority of the Bahamian people and return as the government of the Bahamas in 2022 or whenever or whenever election is called.”

Mr. Cooper specified what he intends to do as a deputy leader for the party, transforming it to one that will regain what the party once had.

“As deputy leader, I can and will play a deliberate role in rebuilding and transformation of the party, but I will also focus intently on the constituency that I have pledge to help transform with my E-vison 2030 plan,” Mr. Cooper said.

“I am very focused on making progress happen for the people of Exuma, Exuma Cays, and Ragged Island.”

He told party supporters present that in order to achieve the goals set out, there must be participation by all PLP supporters

“We will need all hands on deck, if we as a party and its leaders are to demonstrate to the nation that we are capable of rebounding from our recent loss and can become stronger, more efficient, and more effective,” he said.

Mr. Cooper further told supporters present that in order to make progress happen for Bahamians of all class and to move the country forward in social mobility, education must become a priority.

“To even begin to do this and to address many of the social ills that plague us like crime, we must get back to prioritizing education, properly resourcing it and making it the great equalizer that it can and should be,” Mr. Cooper said.

Mr. Cooper further said that a sense of pride must be reestablished in Bahamians.

“As deputy leader, I commit to executing a plan to bring disaffected voters back home to the PLP, attract new voters and expand our base with engagement and commitment to swiftly confronting the woes that stifle our party and endanger our nation,” he said.

Mr. Cooper told party supporters present that the party had been in existence too long to fade into history.

“The Progressive Liberal Party has come too far and has been propped up by the sacrifices, prayers, hard work and tears of resilience of our past and present leaders and our members, to fade into the annals of history now,” he said.

“We must be resurgent. We must not falter. We will not fail.”

And with that he petitioned the support and vote of delegates, stalwart counselors and party supporters.

Mr. Cooper had the support of his immediate family, former Member of Parliament for Exuma Rubyann Cooper-Darling, former parliamentarians Ryan Pinder, Kendal Major, Senators Clay Sweeting, Jobeth Davis, Progressive Young Liberals and party supporters from Exuma.

The PLP’s National Convention is scheduled for October 22-25.






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