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Collie Unaware Of Butler Turner’s Decision

Chairman of the Free National Movement Sidney Collie said that to his knowledge Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner has not turned down any offers by the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis.

 On Sunday Mrs. Butler-Turner told our news team that she has not accepted any offers by the leader of the Free National Movement.

 “That’s news to me. I just had a conversation with Dr. Minnis and I’m not sure he’s aware of that,” he said.

 “Our position is, if she wants it, she would be re-nominated for Long Island and she would have a strong voice in the party. If that’s her position, no one can knock her for that.”

 On Friday Dr. Minnis extended an olive branch to Mrs. Butler-Turner and her running mate, Dr. Duane Sands stating that both party leader hopefuls had been given offers.

 During his gesture of good faith, the party leader said he extends to nomination of candidate for Long Island to Mrs. Butler-Turner.

 He said he hoped both would accepted the offers given.

 “There has been nothing accepted from anyone, on his team by myself,” Mrs. Butler Turner said.

 Just days before, Mrs. Butler called for unity within the FNM and on Friday dropped out of the leadership race.

 Mrs. Butler-Turner citied disrespect on the part of deputy leader Peter Turnquest who during his speech lambasted the Long Island MP for her distrustfulness towards her leader.

 Just before the convention on Wednesday night, she said on social media that the corruption had taken place within the party at the hands of Dr. Minnis.

 Mrs. Butler-Turner said that Dr. Minnis had been allotted 45 minutes to speak, whereas, Mrs. Butler Turner had only been given 10 minutes.



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