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Collie Says Roberts is Delusional

After a statement by Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts refuting claims that his party is corrupt, Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Sidney Collie over the weekend called Mr. Roberts delusional.

Mr. Collie insisted that the corruption of the Christie led government is “clear” as he reiterated that it is focused solely on “enriching itself and its allies at the people’s expense”.

“Delusional’ Roberts must have a very short memory if he has forgotten the deluge of on-going and rampant scandals and brazen corruption under this Government. From the BAMSI fire insurance scandal; to the cafeteria they built for 35 students at BAMSI, which was seven times the size of The College of The Bahamas’ cafeteria,” said Mr. Collie.

“From the stunning negotiations with the Chinese for 10,000 acres of property in Andros– which is basically a giveaway, while Bahamians can’t even get one acre for their use; to the Alfred Gray magistrate scandal,” he continued.

The FNM Chairman maintained the government in the past few years has been the centre of a series of scandals which have had adverse affects on “the Bahamian people in all walks of life”.

“Maybe ‘Delusional’ Roberts has conveniently forgotten the Rubis oil spill scandal; the Urban Renewal Small homes repair scandal; the recent National Issuance Board’s failure to make payments; the missing money at the Post Office, The College of The Bahamas, the Departments of Customs and Social Services, the$47 million from the Road Traffic Department, and the $10 million from Princess Margaret Hospital,” lamented Mr. Collie.

Mr. Collie charged that the government accumulated $600 million of “new funds” through implementing value added tax, but he said despite the funds raised, the recent budget indicated a “shortfall”.

He added that corruption is so prevalent within the Christie Administration that it is easy for the organization to “forget a lot of their scandals”.

“Right from the beginning of their administration the PLP has sought to enrich themselves and their cronies. In fact it was their own MPs in a moment of candor that stated publicly that the PLP, ‘help(s) those who help you’, when it comes to awarding lucrative government contracts to their supporters. They have taken those words to heart at the PLP – ignoring the country as they seek to line their pockets and better their bank accounts,” said Mr. Collie.

“The people deserve better. They deserve a government focused on helping them and working to make their lives better – not a government focused on helping out themselves at the peoples’ expense,” he added.

The FNM Chairman said his organization will institute and enforce anti-corruption laws that will foster transparency and force parliamentarians to be accountable to the Bahamian people.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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