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Citizens Voice Concerns on Crime

The incidents, victims and perpetrators of violent crime are oftentimes based in over-the-hill communities that have for years gotten a bad rap for the country’s crime woes, but on Thursday The Bahama Journal took to the streets to find out what some citizens in these areas had to say about this vexing issue that seems to grip headlines on a daily basis.

Residents in the Bains Town and Grants Town constituency care calling on the government to up the ante to fight a problem that is now out of hand.

A mother of four and resident of the Bain Town community said that she is in fear of her life and fear the safety of her family.

“This crime level is ridiculous and they need to start hanging because it’s getting worse each and every day, you can’t even sit down on your own porch, you’re getting shoot or gun downed something need to be done,” said Stephanie Burrows.

Others shared similar sentiments.

“I think it’s really out of hand now, the authorities really need to pay closer attention to it, I think it’s a shame, I think it falls like how everyone has been saying on the parents,” said Carla Jackson.

“If we had responsible parents bringing up the children in the right way, in my personal opinion I don’t think crime would be in the position that it’s in now.”

“I think they need to implement and do what they say they’re going to do rather than just locking them up, sending them back out with ankle bracelets and when you listen they get kill, they go out and commit more crime out on bail and they get their life taken away and it’s sad,” said Anishca Moxey.

“I think the problem with the crime is that the family members, if you have a brother who does a crime and you say nothing, if you see your cousin doing crap and come to your house with the money, you take the money, you’re not helping the country and that’s what really causing the problem,” said Julian Farrington.

A 33-year-old man and resident of the Bain Town community said that youth unemployment contributes to crime.

He also expressed dismay with young men who would decide chase fast money from crime rather than look for a job.

Marlene Dorsett, a 76-year-old store owner who grew up in the area of Bain Town said she has been a victim of robberies on a number of occasions.

Ms. Dorsett said that crime is everyone’s problem and encouraged Bahamians to unite.

“The government is trying its best but the government does not have children, parents have children and they need to learn how to train these children from small, we’ll just have to all work together and try to make it a better country, whatever we do crime will be here, when the end of the world come then we will have peace,” she said.

Prime Minister Perry Christie on Wednesday said that the country is now faced with a kill or be killed situation, adding that the justice system continues to be challenged by the revolving door of bail granted to people charged with serious criminal offenses.

However, Mr. Christie foreshadowed dramatic improvements in the judicial system as ten criminal courts are set to come on stream.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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