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Christian Council Prepares For Education On Cannabis

The Bahamas Christian Council has not yet officially appointed someone to serve on the committee that the  Cabinet has established to educate the public on cannabis, but there’s the expectation that prominent clergyman Bishop Simeon Hall will be one of their choices.

The council’s First Vice President, Anglican Archdeacon James Palacious said that in addition to Bishop Hall, a few others will be recommended by the Christian Council.

While Archdeacon Palacious made it clear that he is not for the legalization of the herb, he does support decriminalizing it.

He said, “this means that for small quantities young people in particular shouldn’t have records that are blemished for life, but on the other hand young people as well as not so young people need to know that there are consequences for your actions.

You can’t just be breaking the law with impunity, but I wouldn’t like to see that just for very small quantities of marijuana, you would have a record that prevents you from getting jobs or traveling.”  

Supporting marijuana for medicinal purposes, the  AnglicanPriest said, “we have permitted these pharmaceutical companies to inject through the doctors and the hospitals and other medical institutions, this bunch of poison that they produce, that they know will have all kinds of negative impact on people’s lives.  Then why not allow the use of marijuana that has been proven to help without all of the residual side effects?” Archdeacon Palacious asked.

The Priest  mentioned recalled former MP Phenton Neymourwho said that the use of medicinal marijuana has helped with his illness.

He also said that the Bahamas should just get with it, as times are progressing and that medicinal marijuana can help many Bahamians suffering from different diseases.

It is expected that the cannabis committee will hold town meetings throughout the country and according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, the committee will be given three to four months to produce a report.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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