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China Medical Team Turns Over $570K Equipment 101 Cataract Surgeries Performed

To hear that as a 50-year-old, one has the vision of a 90-year-man would more than likely be disheartening for anyone.

But this made Dexter Neymour an ideal candidate for a Bright Journey initiative that restored the sight of more than 100 Bahamians plagued with cataract.

Mr. Neymour said his eyesight began deteriorating years ago to the point where up to last week he could barely see out of his right eye.

Now boasting 20/20 vision, Mr. Neymour said his ability to now see clearly is nothing short of a miracle.

“They did an excellent job. They used a lot of fluids to clean my eyes a day before heading into surgery…They were even surprised with my recovery after testing my eyes because my case was not a simple procedure. They even needed specialists. So, is unbelievable what they were able to do,” he said.

“Technology is now so advanced. Everyone was so happy after their surgery.”

Mr. Neymour was one of 101 Bahamians who underwent free cataract surgeries at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

The surgeries came after months of planning and preparation, beginning when The Bahamas Government received and accepted a proposal from the People’s Republic of China to send a team of eight doctors and nurses to The Bahamas to work side by side with a local team of professionals to perform the procedures.

All were done between May 1 and 12.

Leading what has now become a part of PMH’s “extended healthcare family” was Ophthalmologist Professor Yan Liu of Peking University, China’s first public hospital.

The University turns 100 next year.

“We finished 101 surgeries. This was very successful for us. I want to thank all the doctors, nurses, technicians and the hospital’s administrative staff. You were so nice. You made us feel at home. You made us very happy,” she said.

Working against a different time zone, the Chinese medical team consumed coffee in the morning and medicine in the night to make them sleep.

“Everyone, we will remember you,” Professor Liu said.

Health Minister, Dr. Perry Gomez expressed hope that what transpired over the past two weeks will serve as a template for further collaboration between The Bahamas and China Governments.

“This initiative has been a high water mark with respect to diplomacy…The patients who received surgical care over the last two weeks owe the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China a debt of gratitude,” the minister said.

According to Dr. Gomez, in addition to performing the surgeries, the doctors and nurses from China “were able to carry out academic exchanges with Bahamian medical professionals and enhance bilateral cooperation.”

Bright Journey’s generosity is certainly not limited to its surgical expertise. The team turned over more than $570,000 worth of equipment, instruments, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals used during the procedures.

The team made the 7,000 mile trek back home to China on Tuesday.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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