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China Discusses Advancement Opportunities with House Speaker

House of Assembly Speaker Halson Moultrie met with the Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China Dr. Cai Dafeng in the Senate on Friday. 

According to Moultrie, Dr. Dafeng extended a courtesy call at the speaker’s office to open the parliament doors to increase communication between China and The Bahamas and seek opportunities to enhance the two countries’ bilateral relationship and diplomatic relationship. 

“China is deepening its democracy and The Bahamas is in the process of deepening our democracy. We both believe in the rule of law and so the purpose really is to seek beneficial opportunities to advance the people of The Bahamas while also the people of China will be benefitting from the mutually beneficial relationship,” Moultrie said.

“We see opportunities of the remainders of the archipelago to develop as we restore and develop Grand Bahama and Great Abaco so that it could be a greater population distribution.”    

The speaker gave a list of key areas for development which includescientific research on the impact of global warming on the apparent increase in intensity and frequency of tropical cyclones.

In addition, the key areas also include scientific research and development of marine industries as well as education and industrial development in the southeast Bahamas infrastructural restoration and throughout our archipelago.

Moultrie suggested building a maximum security facility in Little Iguana as it is “strategically positioned at the gateway to The Bahamas from the South”. 

He said, “We seem to have more problems coming from the South, way in respect to illegal immigration and with respect to poaching of our Bahamian waters and so we believe if we put the proper faculties at that gateway, we can better protect ourselves and our sovereignty.”   

Dr. Defeng said China takes the relationship with The Bahamas very seriously as it is beneficial and the Bahamian government can expect their cooperation in areas such as culture, tourism and port development. 

He added that the two economies are highly complementary. He even invited The Bahamas to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative – China’s global development strategy for international trade and economic growth. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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