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Children’s Emergency Hostel Receives $19,000 Donation

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The Children’s Emergency Hostel has received a large donation of supplies valuing $19,000.
Founder of It Takes One Foundation, located in Ohio, Jack Tucker said he has been a long time
donor of the hostel and has plans of hopefully adopting the hostel in an effort to get the facilities
to maximum functionality.
“You know, we’re here to the Emergency Children’s Hospital to provide some much-needed
resources to not only the kids, but to the staff here. This journey started in 2020 when Jeffrey
Deveaux brought us here to donate some things. We saw a great opportunity to do just a little bit.
We came back down in March and it really touched my heart what we were doing and I think I
told Mrs. Gibson that we’re only getting started and we plan to make this bigger and better every
year and for us to take just a small amount of our time and energy and resources to help the
Children’s Hostel. It’s really a blessing,” he said on Monday.
The hostel currently houses 32 children who are in need of daily necessities.
Mr. Tucker said everything that was asked of them to get, they supplied with some extras as well.
“Today, we have brought items for Christmas for the children. Mrs. Gibson provided a wish list
to us and we got those items for the kids. We’ve brought food, we’ve brought pampers, we
brought wipes. We’ve brought things for hygiene. We’ve brought needed resources for the
kitchen, cooking, cleaning all of those sorts of things. We brought, I believe 20 dressers for the
kids to have their own place to put away clothes. And we also brought some things for the
grounds to help with, you know, the upkeep of the property,” Mr. Tucker explained.
Business manager at the hostel Charlene Gibson, while expressing her gratitude for the generous
donation, said donations have gone down since the pandemic.
“Our challenge has been more financially since the pandemic has started because a lot of the
companies that would have donated to us as in lines of funds have stopped because their
institution probably needed it more than giving it to somebody else. So, that has been a
challenge. We have also had to deal with our overheads and utilities and most of our funding is
spent on keeping the facility and operation ongoing. So, we don’t have the necessary funding to
do all of this other stuff. That is why we are very grateful for him coming in and helping us, him
and his team,” she said.
Persons who would like to donate to the Children’s Emergency Hostel can visit their website at for their account information or send an email to

Written by Jones Bahamas

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