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Cartwright: Residents Support Butler Turner

Despite talk of a petition to oust her, Long Island Member of Parliament (MP) Loretta Butler Turner seems to have the backing of many to remain as the island’s representative.

 Former MP for Long Island, Larry Cartwright told the Bahama Journal that there is no evidence of an alleged petition to oust the current MP, signed by constituents.

 Mr. Cartwright noted that it is quite the contrary, and suggested that Mrs. Butler Turner has the heart of her constituents.

 “In regards to Mrs. Butler Turner as an FNM, she will be just as popular in Long Island as she was last elections. I don’t foresee any problems. A group of people were advised to get a petition but I live in Long Island and I haven’t seen the petition. I haven’t heard anyone on Long Island talking about it. I don’t know if there is one,” Mr. Cartwright said.

 “Mrs. Turner is the candidate for the FNM and she will get the support of the FNM voters on the island. When we last checked, roughly between 60 and 75 percent of the voters are FNM,” he said.

 Mr. Cartwright, while noting that Long Island is a strong FNM constituency, he further suggested that Mrs. Butler Turner will not win on that fact alone; but rather her performance has contributed a lot to it.

 There are claims that Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins may be opposing the Long Island seat as an independent candidate, but Mr. Cartwright assured that this will not have any bearing on Mrs. Butler Turner’s campaign, as some have earlier suggested.

 Sources have said that Dr. Rollins have been working the island to some extent, meeting residents.

 Meanwhile Mr. Cartwright noted the MP’s contributions over the last four and a half years.

 “She advocated for the need for water, the need for jobs for young people, the brain drain situation, the need for enhancing the airport and the basic needs of the island she has been putting them forth. However she’s in opposition so she doesn’t have the final say. She has to wait for the government. She has certainly informed the government of the needs of Long Island,” Mr. Cartwright added.

 The Bahama Journal spoke with a number of the constituents who for the most part echoed Mr. Cartwright’s sentiments.

 “She has been a very good representative in Long Island. Her presence has been here more than anybody else,” one resident said.

“She has been working for us from day one, and especially when Joaquin passed through. She was the first person on the ground. She tries but there’s nothing much she can do without the help of the government.”

 “She’s a remarkable representative. She speaks well for us in the House. I can say she’s the only one who stands up and talks and tells the government when they should be doing this and doing that. When we were devastated by the hurricane her leadership came out in that,” said another resident.

 The constituents charged that Dr. Rollins cannot be trusted, adding that it is difficult to tell where his loyalty really lies.

 A few residents also questioned the level of his performance.

 “I haven’t seen Rollins yet. I don’t know if he’s campaigning,” one resident said.

 “Who says that if he should win as an independent, where is he going, back to the PLP? He already said he wasn’t seeking a nomination in the FNM. In addition to that he hasn’t even proven himself in his own constituency. Fort Charlotte hasn’t even enjoyed anything under his tenure as an MP. If he hasn’t done it in Fort Charlotte, why do you think he will do it somewhere else.”

 Former FNM MP Tennyson Wells has said that if Dr. Rollins would run against Mrs. Butler Turner, he would defeat her.

 In 2012, Mrs. Butler Turner received 979 out of 1,849 votes.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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