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Butler-Turner Demands the Reopening of Long Island’s Museum

Member of Parliament for Long Island Loretta Butler-Turner is calling on the government to reopen the historical Long Island Museum three months after its closure, as she says it is another setback for the island’s economy.

The museum, which was built by Long Islanders and initially operated on a private basis, is supported by public funds, which pay the salaries of three employees.

However, since the museum closed, Butler-Turner said those employees are struggling to make ends meet as they haven’t been paid for the past three months.

“The employees have not been paid for three months and have been told by an official of the AMMC (Antiquities, Monuments, and Museums Corporation) to close the museum until further notice,” said the Long Island MP.

“The employees do not know when they will be paid or when the museum will reopen. With Long Island struggling economically, the non-payment of three employees who have families to support, and the closure of the museum, is yet another setback for the island’s economy.”

Mrs. Butler-Turner noted that three months is an extraordinarily long time for employees not to be paid and called for ministers to be more sensitive towards them.

“This has created a tremendous burden on the employees and their families,” she said.

“Perhaps Cabinet ministers should have their pay checks stopped for three months so that they might fully appreciate what these employees and their families are going through. Having already abandoned Long Islanders, the PLP is making matters even worse.”

Mrs. Butler-Turner said the closure of the museum would be uncaring and short-sighted. She called on the government to immediately pay the employees and to keep the museum open.

The museum is a prime spot visited by tourists and Bahamians visiting Long Island and dedicated in 1986, it houses the museum, library and community centre.

The museum is also used for local events and by many students.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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