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Bran Blames Both Parties For Dump Fire

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) leader Branville McCartney, yesterday lashed out at the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the official opposition Free National Movement (FNM) accusing both parties of being the blame to the fire disaster that occurred over the weekend.

“The PLP has been a complete failure and I point my finger at them, starting with Perry Christie and the rest of his government, this is the result of their failure; however, this should not be a question today,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney noted that both parties have had financial resources in the millions to fix the problem at the New Providence Landfill. He noted that for years fires occur at the dump site causing a health hazard to the people in the area.

“Every year this time the dump burns this isn’t new but you had all the PLP ministers and the Prime Minister out there scratching their heads, like they are lost, lost as the day is long.

“The PLP has done nothing in relation to remediating or fixing this dump.

“The only thing we have had with them is a $650 million scandal regarding the LOI and Renward Wells.

“You would remember that the prime minister himself, misled the Bahamian people when he said he knew nothing about the LOI. The PLP also dealt with Renew Bahamas a contract that was given without going to public tender, Bahamian people never knew that the deal was regarding that,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney also noted that not only did the PLP do nothing to facilitate change at the area but the FNM as well did not follow through with getting to the bottom of the LOI scandal. He further noted that they too were given millions of dollars to create a change at the landfill site.

“Minnis, the man that answers and call for Wells resignation, then Wells went to the FNM Minnis said that he was satisfied with Wells’ explanation and refused to tell the Bahamian people what the deal was with the $650 million LOI.

“A few years ago, the FNM government had $35 million that was granted to them for the remediation or to fix the dump, I’ve said this over and repeatedly and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, like nobody cares.

“They obtained $25 million from the IDB together with $10 million from the Bahamian government. Nothing was done the Bahamian people are paying back that loan and to-date have paid in excess of $15 million with no result,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney noted that had the LOI been put in place the dump would not pose a problem to the country.

Mr. McCartney continued to hit out at the government noting the health implications of the smoke and fire and that implementing new initiatives and schemes such as the National Health Insurance scheme (NHI) should not be considered before fixing the landfill.

“This government wants to introduce NHI, shouldn’t it fix the dump that is causing health concerns before you even contemplate implementing NHI.

“Would the Minister of Health agree that the dump causes severe health issues around this country, but yet they want to implement NHI before they fix that problem? Does the Minister of Health think that there are any health issues related to the dump? I would like the Minister of Health and the government to answer that,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney and Deputy leader Chris Mortimer noted that last year March, at the landfill during a fire which resulted in a protest the DNA presented a solution to the ongoing problem.

“He who feels it knows it, I’ve felt it and I know it; my family, we felt it and we know it; businesses that we are involved in, felt it and know it,” Mr. McCartney stated.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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