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Bradley Roberts The Believer Laid To Rest

Several hundred friends, family and  parliamentarians from both sides of the political divide, including   supporters of the Progressive Liberal Party  all gathered Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral last Friday  to pay their final respects to Former Cabinet Minister and Chairman Emeritus Bradley Roberts.

He was described by his Pastor Father Glen Nixon as ìthe believer who became a Politician.î

Through the lens of party politics, Bradley Roberts was a firebrand, an outspoken, yet witty figure determined to keep his partyís political foe ñ the Free National Movementís feet to the fire.

For some, he was the epitome of what the PLP must become to clinch the next general election.

However, there was also a Bradley Roberts that many did not know and that many only found out about in death.

According to Father  Nixon, in true Bahamian style, Roberts too was looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holidays, having begun plans to renovate his kitchen. Aside from that, Christmas day would have been his 75th birthday.

He added that every Sunday, when not traveling, the former parliamentarian could be found at the 8:30 mass at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, humbly taking a seat near the back.

ìHe would leave mass early just before the announcement, not to trivialize his faith or to be disrespectful of it,  but to simply avoid being inundated Sunday after Sunday by those who sought his help.

ìMany Sundays he dug into his pocket to help fellow Bahamians who needed assistance with rent and food and life.î

ìIn this life ìBig Bad Bradî was known by some as a fierce friend and by others as a formattable opponent, but equally important is knowing Brad the Catholic, Brad the believer,î he said.

In his homily during Mr. Robertsí official funeral, Father Nixon added that regardless of what Robertsí went through ñ failure or success, sickness or health, defeat or victory, he never once turned his back on his God or his faith.

He was not a politician who became a believer, he said, but a believer who became a politician. He wasnít in the church, the church was in him.

Still, Father Nixon acknowledged that for those who loved Roberts, this is no doubt a painful time.

ìThe pain you now feel does mean you are too weak, it means that the memories you shared with Bradley was real and authentic.

ìHe touched your lives and you touched his. In this moment of pain and sadness we can all turn to strong drinks and despair,  or we can all turn to God our father and renew of faith in Jesus Christ who is the resurrection,î Father Nixon said.

Bradley Roberts leaves behind his wife of 53-years Hartlyn Roberts, one son and two daughters.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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